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Flippin' The Script 2018 W.O.O. Award Recipient

Corie L. Brown

Corie Brown and her husband Chris are Christians who instilled Godly principles into their own four children. Nevertheless, as life would have it with its twist, turns and challenges. Corie and Chris suddenly found themselves as the primary guardians for not only their first grandson but his two little brothers as well.

While her husband worked his full time job, Corie became a stay-at-home mom performing double-duty to not only their 2 high-school children, but their 3 little grandsons-one who was diagnosed with autism. 

Mrs. Brown attempted college several times from the time she graduated high school well into her mid-adulthood. When challenges hit, she would give up, drop out and feel defeated. Nevertheless, she kept wiping the dust off and trying again. In May 2018, Corie finally earned her first college degree from USC-an Associates In Business. 

Corie made the tough decision not to attend her college graduation ceremony although she had already purchased her cap and gown. When asked why she didn't go, she replied, "Sometimes it's just a lot when I have the kids so I didn't bother to go." As part of her 2018 W.O.O. SURPRISE recognition, FTS Ministries' Team secretly collaborated with Corie's family to not only confiscate her brand new gap and gown but also arranged for her immediate family to be present as she marched to Pomp And Circumstance to receive her FTS2018 Award! There wasn't a dry eye in the building!

Corie hasn't stopped! She has already re-enrolled in college and is working towards her Bachelors Degree! Talk about stamina!!

Drawing from her own experiences as a young double-duty grandmother, Corie decided that she wanted to found an organization through which support will flow to other grandmothers all over the world...grandmothers who are in similar situations of raising their grandchildren. The organization she founded is called Chic With A Purpose.  

The overall mission of Chic With A Purpose is to encourage, motivate, inspire and provide resources to other mothers who are also performing double-duty by caring for their children's children.

It was with great pleasure that FTS Ministries presented her with the FTS W.O.O. Award on November 17th, 2018 at our Annual Women's Empowerment Conference! Congratulations to Corie L. Brown!!!! Well Deserved!!